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It’s Not for Sale!

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I keep being asked, where can I buy, The Mad Book?

The Mad Book is not for sale. It never was intended for sale. Let me explain the title, and maybe this will help.

I’ve been told I have dementia, and since that time, being told there wasn’t anything anyone could do, I’ve been reading and researching everything I can on the subject. I started my blog as a way to get my thoughts down and aired with others just like me.

I would often see statements made that seemed like something worth a further look. On chasing the source and asking for more information, I would more often than not be given comments that became very common statements; It’s in my book, I’m bringing out a book with it all in, You can find it in my book! The ‘Book’ part of my title references this growing trait of turning dementia into a business!

The ‘Mad’ bit is regarding my hate of the word, Dementia. I’ve tried to show how this word has many very negative connotations. It has a long history of people losing their minds and going Mad, which is still prevalent today.

My daily life, living and coping with the signs and symptoms of my neural decline, as we all do, is what I’m trying to share. These are my thoughts, ideas, facts and fiction I’ve found out through my research, and that’s all!

I do not proclaim any solution or magic cure, but I have beliefs and ideas that I’m pursuing. If anyone finds these worth considering, then that is great.

Everything I say and write is freely available for all to read. All I would hope for is that you would share your ideas and comments too. I’m desperate, as I’m sure many others are too, to beat our own monster.

I’ve stopped writing under the title of, The Mad Book because of this.

However, I will continue writing every time I have something to say that I think others may find interesting and not for the sake of it or make money.

I long to share and gain from what I’ve learned. To that end, I continually look forward to reading your ideas, thoughts, findings, and comments! These are, without doubt, more insightful and informative than anything. Please don’t stop sharing!

Thank You!

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