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Mountain Bike Problems

I’ve had my Trike for a few years and use it for exercise. I now get out three times a week, doing around 8 to 10 miles each time. My routine is all on good smooth paths and not off the road.

However, I’m having increasing problems. Drive pins were continually breaking and having to be replaced. At the beginning of this year, my Trike was returned from some repairs and service to try and rectify the problems. The repairs included welding a new seat bracket, which had broken because the supporting pin had broken. The overall cost so far this year alone is over £1,200.

I’m 10stone, so weight is not causing the Trike an issue. I also have to replace the tyres approximately every two months.
A drive pin has just broken again, and the drive bearing has gone on the steering side.

A drive pin cost £28 each, so not a cheap fix when happening too often. I’ve managed to source the bearings locally, so big saving.

Are you doing a similar time out on your Trike, and are you having any problems?

I really benefit from and enjoy my Trike, it has given me a new lease of life, but the continual cost of repairs is making it too expensive?

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  1. I hope the people who so called repaired your trike get to read this. I know that you really enjoy getting out on your trike, it must be so frustrating when the drive pins keep breaking!
    I also hope you get any responses from others who use a trike to see if it’s a general problem.
    C x💜

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