Songs from, The Demented Rd Studios

If You Think You know How To Love Me

by Smokie 1975

This is song number 265 and that means I’ve only got 100 songs to go! Time goes so fast!

If any charity could raise funds in any way by using my songs, I would be really happy to help in any way I can! My carers and a few family members have given again and again. I can not raise funds myself because of my sittuation, so if anyone as any ideas!?

I have lots of requests, so if you have any song in mind, then just leave a comment bellow with the details and I will try my best!

Any Comments are welcome. I’m up for a challenge, so if you have a song you would like me to try, then let me know?

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  1. A nice song which you have sang Brilliantly šŸ’œ.
    Love 265 songs that some going, like you said only 100 left and a whole year completed.!!
    Love you Cx šŸ’œ

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