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It’s Just a Dream!?

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It’s just before 2 am. I’m awake because I’ve just had a dream. You may think this isn’t anything unusual, but I haven’t had a dream for a long time, and I mean as long as I can remember.

Before I start, I have to tell you that this is the second month of reducing my dependency on Pregabalin. Last month I began by reducing my morning dose. This reduction of only 25mg gave me many problems, which are still there, but fading each day.

On Monday of this week, I started reducing my evening dose, and the first night I had the dream I’m going to share.

I’m holding the hand of a very beautiful black woman. She has stunning long flowing pure white platted dreadlocks. She is leading me up a flight of stairs. The stairs are in a tall square tower and turning at right angles as we go. It reminds me of an Escherian Stairwell. I realise that although I’m running up the stairs, my wife, for that is who I think this beautiful woman is, is almost floating ahead of me. Then the stair ends… I rise, and I’m then standing in a large, warehouse-type room full of avant-garde furniture. There is lots of it, I mean the room is full and it’s all white. In fact, everything is white!

I’m standing, and this beautiful creature lets go of my hand and floats away down the passage to the right of me and disappears.

Slightly to the left is an oversized chaise lounge, and lying on it, with his head towards me, is someone asleep. They wake, sit and rise, looking at me all the time. A smile I instantly recognise. He is standing there, dressed all in white, and even his hair is white. It’s my brother Pat. That overwhelming feeling of love hit me, and all I wanted was time… and then I’m here writing this…

I don’t know if this intense feeling is love or loss. I just keep seeing him standing there, so clear with such a smile and not a word was said.

Now, Pat died only a short while ago, so I think that this is why he is in my thoughts a lot and in this dream. But, I’d like to think it’s something more!

Hours later, I’m back here typing the notes that I made in the middle of the night, and sanity is with me a bit; I think the Pregabalin had a lot to do with my vivid dream!

I’ve been recording my sleeping pattern for a few years now, and I showed you when I was coming off Gabapentin how I went from a night where I went through no sleep cycles, just an almost flat line of unconsciousness, to a very active and what I think is a normal sleep cycle. Last night I went through about five cycles from awake to deep sleep.

It seems that it is quite clear that Gabapentin and the like suppress proper sleep and just sedate. Good quality sleep is vital and a proven need for all aspect of good health and stave off Dementia!

Is there any research into these drugs that interfere with sleep?

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  1. I’m pleased you wrote this article from your notes you wrote in the middle of the night. Our dreams are with us for a short while after we wake up them slowly fade until you can’t remember them at all.
    I personally think the reductions in your medication has help you to sleep, go through the cycles of sleep and allow you to have dreams again. That’s got to be a good thing isn’t it?
    Love you Cx 💜

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