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Will it ever stop!?

My Tribute to Sabina….. Another Candle in The Wind!

Is Sabina Nessa just to be another victim of our so-called civilised society?

Women are afraid to walk on the streets of Britain, and all we do is moan and grieve and wait for the next victim!

Why? I think it is because Britain is too soft on the perpetrators of these callous acts. Too many of the Goody, Goodies… in government like to see this scum of society as victims. We have prison full and more returning after release. Prison is obviously not a deterrent. Lock them up, no special treatment, no tv, games, sport or recreation. They have all forfeited their human rights to any of these things when they put themselves above society. Stop treating these lowlives as victims; they are not! When they come out of prison, they should never, ever want to return!

Stabbings, murder, drugs, thugs running districts, crime is rife in this country, in and out of prison, and we close our eyes to it. Every time you turn away, you condone their actions. Until everyone starts reporting the wrongdoings, we encounter, or we know about and stop pretending it’s not happening, or it’s not our business, we only reinforce that developing evil we endure.

I’m sick of hearing of another young woman being killed or a boy stabbing another! It has to stop, and it seems that it is only through our actions that we will stop it.

We are the victims, and the scum that ruins the lives of so many must be removed and treated with the contempt they deserve!

Write to your MP and call for change! If enough continue this campaign, they will have to act! No more PM saying, So sorry!… It’s not good enough! Act or go!!!

I listened to the moving words of Sabina’s sister…’We have lost an amazing, caring, beautiful sister,’ and I thought, ‘We have all lost an amazing, caring and beautiful sister!’ Until we realise this, we will not change!

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  1. I totally agree with your blog. A little smack on the wrist is not good enough. There needs to be a greater deterrent!
    C x💜

  2. Well said Richard! 👏🏼 prisons are far too soft for these thugs and murderers! They don’t deserve to have any ‘human rights’ …. They should forfeit that as soon as they pick up any weapon to use against someone else or as you say put themselves above the law of the country.

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