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Mountain Bike Problems

Another problem with my Mountain Trike!

Three miles into my exercise, and the back seat gave way. The bolts that hold the seat to the frame were sheared, and I lost all back support. This is not good, for, without that support, I’m going nowhere!

This isn’t the first time this has happened. At the beginning of the year, the bolts sheared, and the back of the seat gave way. However, this time, the bolt on the steering side damaged the hole in the supporting plate welded to the frame. I assumed that this was a fault with the plate’s design. It is not designed to stand a breaking bolt. But, I had to pay to have a new plate supplied and welded.

On this occasion, both bolts sheared. It seems that it puts abnormal forces on the other when one goes, and that breaks too.

The Mountain Trike is designed for off-road use, but I only ride on paths and never off the road. I was crossing a road at a drop in the curb when the break happened!

My Mountain Trike now seems to be suffering from age, and I worry every time I go out that I’m not going to be able to get back!

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  1. I do hope you have reported the issues to those that have meant to fix it. I think they should sort out the issues free of charge, as I know it was very costly for you to get the original breakages fix.
    Love you Cx 💜

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