Songs from, The Demented Rd Studios

These Are The Days of Our Lives

by Queen 1991

Well I couldn’t decide which one to post, so today you have two. So, if you’ve got nothing better to do, maybe you can listen to both! 😃

Take 1

Take 2

Any Comments are welcome. I’m up for a challenge, so if you have a song you would like me to try, then let me know?

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  1. I like both versions! Can’t believe you only have one more song to do now… amazing 🤩 What will I do without your songs to listen to? I hope you don’t stop completely 🤞🏼

  2. Sounds great Dad. It’s tricky having listened to both but I think I like version 1 best.
    One day left, will miss your daily songs. 👏
    Love you Cx 💜💜

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