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I’m Not Going To Miss You!

by Glen Campbell 2014

Well, this is it, the last song!

It always gets me how quick that constant time seems to go so fast!

The number of clicks to the ‘TooLate’ post I’ve made, including the 364 songs to date, is close to a staggering half a million! Amazing! I’m sure most may have been my replying, but if only a tiny percentage of those that took the time is now aware of Dementia and, more importantly, how to deal with it, then I’m more than happy!

I want to thank everyone that supported me, gave comments, made request and clicked! The daily process made a tremendous difference to my life in so many ways, but your support was the thing that kept me going, especially in those dark times!

I started my challenge in response to my growing understanding of Dementia and the misunderstanding that most people have about it! In a small way, I hope that I’ve helped clarify a few points and express my thoughts and growing belief that Dementia is preventable in most cases.

It’s about starting now and not waiting until that moment when someone tells you, as in my case, ‘It’s Too Late!’

My Final Song is for those like me that know!

I have Dementia, or what they call Dementia, what I think of as just the signs and symptoms of my dying brain cells. I can feel that monster there, eating away at me. Each day I’m given a taste of its fury, as it continually and slowly removes my control of me. My biggest fear is that moment when I lose the battle, not knowing or being aware when that moment will be! When I don’t know who I am, but most of all, I won’t know who you are and that hurts the most! You see, although I know that when that moment comes, as the song says, I’m Not Going To Miss You, I do know that I’m missing that time with you now!

The song is also for you too! You see, if you start and deal with life now, at whatever stage you’re at, and live it the best you can, then maybe you will not have to suffer or endure what’s heading your way if you don’t!

Please live life to the full, but most of all, be Happy!

Any Comments are welcome.

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  1. Wow! You actually did it! Congratulations! Nearly half a million clicks?! 🎉 The last 365 days and 365 songs has been amazing! This last song is so fitting (even tho it made me 😢) I look forward to seeing/ hearing what you do next. ❤️Keep on singing!

  2. Great blog post to explain today’s choice of song. It’s very fitting. Once again sang brilliantly Dad. 👍
    I’m so proud of you for completing this year’s challenge – a 🎶 song a day. Where has it gone?
    Half a million clicks it am amazing achievement !!
    I will miss your daily songs, but am looking forward to seeing what you do next.
    All my love Carol xx 💜

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