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One meal a day!

Well, that’s not true, it’s more, one mealtime a day.

It started a few years ago when I had significant problems with my dependency on my prescribed medication. There were two times in the day when I craved my drugs, and when I say crave, I mean I was in pain, crying and desperate to the point of doing anything to get that fix. First thing in the morning, 8 am and 8 pm, to give me oblivion. I dreaded waking up and that inevitable wait. The whole day became the waiting game of pain.

This meant that everything else in my life was put on hold, including eating. I would go through times of eating nothing to stuffing myself full of anything and everything.

As the months went by and I slowly withdrew from the drugs that controlled me, my eating pattern started to revert to a so-called normal state.

However, that breakfast thing never really did it for me. I didn’t enjoy breakfast. It was something I did out of what I thought was a seeming necessity. So, I decided I would stop having breakfast and see what happened. At first, I went through a time of feeling a bit hungry. It was as though my body was expecting something, and it wanted to know why it hadn’t so set that hunger feeling into action. Like a sort of addiction, I suppose?

Within a few weeks, I wasn’t eating till about 12 or 1 o’clock and not missing that forced morning session. I also noticed that I wasn’t eating during the remainder of the morning. As soon as I ate, I started munching through the rest of the day.

I really enjoyed my later meal, and that’s not because I was starving; it’s just because I was ready to eat.

Another benefit was my Poo Time was becoming normal. To find out more about Poo Time, proper name, The Gastropic-Reflex system, you should read my bit called, I’ve Gone To The Dogs! If this isn’t happening for you, your eating habits need to be checked!

Around teatime, about five, I would have something light. I didn’t feel like I needed a full cooked meal. I did still go into that munchy mode during the evening, but after doing some research, I stopped this—most of what I was eating, that stuff we all know is too high in fat, sugar and calories. My body was taking this in and expecting me to be soon running around like a headless chicken, but that didn’t happen, and my body went into fat storage mode, big time!

I also noticed that this munching or eating later had a significant impact on my sleeping. It takes about four hours for your body to deal with the food you eat before going into a well-deserved rest. So it only seemed logical not to have my body working while the rest of me was trying to rest in sleep.

I now try not to eat after 6 pm, which works well for me. As for the munchies, that doesn’t bother me anymore. I suppose if there was chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisp around, I might still be tempted!?

Keeping busy is important to me. I want to live every moment. Often I find I’m doing something, and the time goes by. Before I know it, it’s gone 3 pm. I start to think about what to have to eat and enjoy that time, the preparation and the consumption! This mealtime is a really enjoyable time of the day, and that’s important!

My typical day consists of eating between 4 pm and 6 pm. This is not a great effort or sacrifice, and I’m feeling good, too, so it is working for me!

However, I’m not a martyr to this! When family and friends call bearing goodies, I eat and enjoy them without guilt. In fact, I look forward to these moments more now they have become a treat and not a daily occurrence!

My body has found its natural state or level of consumption to meet its needs. I don’t force stuff in because the clock or society tells me I should. It just took me time to listen and change.

I feel better, sleep better, live better, and it cost me a lot less too!

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  1. It certainly seems to be working for you. Good job you put the bit about friends and family bearing goodies or they might just stop bringing them! 😜

  2. A great read, and makes you think about the times we eat & why, especially if you are not hungry, but know you don’t have any other choice. I’m talking about my lunch time at work, it’s more like breakfast to me.
    Are there any goodies in particular you like? 🤔 😂
    Love you Cx 💜

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