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I’m Living With Dementia...I’m not dying of it!
I’m doing everything I can to slow, stop and reverse our Dementia!

Reading a Good Book…

I find it difficult to read. This seems to be more so, when I’m reading stories. First I have to read the words and although this is ok for individual words, it’s becoming a growing problem when trying to understand the sentence and more so the whole paragraph. […]


To hear this post, just click the Play Button below… This is my second day of reducing Gabapentin, this being the second of the prescribed medication that I’m addicted too, the first was morphine. I’m really surprised at the impact coming of this stuff is having on me. […]

The Basics…

If you prefer, you can listen to this post… or try listening and reading at the same time… that will give your brain a workout! Just click the Play Button There seems to be a lot said about Dementia in regard to the signs and symptoms that we […]

What is My Life Like Now?

More than two years have passed… and I’m still here… but now I’m starting to live again! Lost, confused, unsure, unclear, perplexed, disorientated, bewildered…. these were the words emblazoned across the many leaflets I was given: Help Beat Dementia! Yes..yes…Yes! There was hope, somebody was there to help […]