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All Dementia related items. What I have researched, my thoughts and my life living with my Dementia.

It’s Not for Sale!

I keep being asked, where can I buy, The Mad Book? The Mad Book is not for sale. It never was intended for sale. Let me explain the title, and maybe this will help. I’ve been told I have dementia, and since that time, being told there wasn’t […]

Do you wake up lost?

Over the last few nights, I’ve woken several times with a start and an overwhelming feeling of being lost. I’ve explained before how I seem to live in the constant, waking from a dream state. I become aware of being here. I can only try to get you […]

Pregabalin is Harder than I thought!

I’ve been slowly trying to release myself from my dependency on prescription drugs. I’m doing this because I believe these drugs are causing me more problems than curing. Singularly these drugs may help, but when different drugs, often doing the same thing, are prescribed, they may interact and […]

For Our Eyes Only!

When I asked the question: What does ‘Oxidative stress and neuronal energy depletion are characteristic biochemical hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. (AD)’ mean? I was told it’s for our eyes only! You may assume I was talking to James Bond and MI5. Actually, I was asking about a research […]

You Can Count On It!

A while ago, I noticed something extraordinary about my counting. Counting is not one of my best activities, it seems more challenging than it should be, but I get by. So, I had to count something and held my hands out to use my fingers, and I realised […]

Singing is more than Singing!

Singing is more than singing! I’m taking singing lessons and really enjoying the benefits. It isn’t just the singing that’s firing my little brain cells into action, but many other aspects that I didn’t even consider. I want to share this because I believe it is something we […]

The Mad Book Chapter 16

Checking your Meds! Medications are so obviously beneficial in treating infections, cancer, high blood pressure,pain, fever, inflammation, just to name a few. Yet, no medication is free of side effects. And when the side effects interfere with attention, memory, language, executive function, or other cognitive abilities, and the […]

The Mad Book Chapter 15

Two processes that work in unison… maybe? In the previous chapter, I’ve explained the medical profession’s understanding and thoughts of the most common Dementia, Alzheimer’s, where the Amyloid-Beta comes from, how it forms into plaques and eventually causes brain cell death. However, ever since the first mention of […]