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All Dementia related items. What I have researched, my thoughts and my life living with my Dementia.

The Mad Book Chapter 14

Are these two causes related? In the last chapter, I explained the Seven Stages of Dementia. I was diagnosed with Dementia but never told what Stage? Do you know what Stage you are in? As I said in the last chapter, I would be in a different place […]

The Mad Book Chapter 12

They don’t come to you! You or those around you notice that something is not the same. You know best, and this is the time to have concern and a time to act! The signs and symptoms of so-called dementia, what I think is better known as neural […]

The Mad Book Chapter 11

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome It is a chronic memory disorder caused by the deficiency of thiamine, vitamin B1, which helps brain cells produce energy from sugar. When the level of thiamine falls too low, brain cells will not generate enough energy to work correctly. The most common cause of this […]

The Mad Book Chapter 10

The list continues… Vascular DementiaThe second most common cause of neural decline, but it only accounts for about 10% of all cases. What does this mean: Vascular: The vascular system, also called the circulatory system, comprises the arteries and veins that carry blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to […]

The Mad Book Chapter 9

Trying to develop a meaningful list of illnesses grouped under the term Dementia hasn’t been as easy as I hoped! The single biggest problem is finding clarity! The clarity in what the illness is?The clarity in the diagnosis of the illness?The clarity of treatment of the illness? So, […]

Can You Use My Challenge?

I’m unable to raise funds for any cause because of my situation, but I would be more than happy for anyone to use my Song a Day Challenge to do so! I’ve learnt, sung and recorded 180 songs so far this year, and I’ll be learning, singing and […]

Six Months Gone! Six Months to Go!

I can’t get over how quick the time has gone! I decided on this, singing a song every day, after reading some research on how music and predominantly singing, appears to be the only activity that works every part of the brain. Therefore, knowing that exercising the brain, […]

Stop Heading the Ball!

I watched BBC Click, on which they report how footballers are three and a half time more likely to develop neural decline in later life. They suggest that the reason is due to heading a ball! This raises a few questions. What has happened in the footballers’ life […]

The Mad Book Chapter 8

So far, I’ve tried to put my case that, Dementia is not Dementia! It’s not about being mad, out of one’s mind, or possessed by demons. We are talking about, and living with, the effects of our brains slowly dying. As more and more brain cells die, more […]