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Mountain Bike Problems

Another problem with my Mountain Trike! Three miles into my exercise, and the back seat gave way. The bolts that hold the seat to the frame were sheared, and I lost all back support. This is not good, for, without that support, I’m going nowhere! This isn’t the […]

Will it ever stop!?

Is Sabina Nessa just to be another victim of our so-called civilised society? Women are afraid to walk on the streets of Britain, and all we do is moan and grieve and wait for the next victim! Why? I think it is because Britain is too soft on […]

Mountain Bike Problems

I’ve had my Trike for a few years and use it for exercise. I now get out three times a week, doing around 8 to 10 miles each time. My routine is all on good smooth paths and not off the road. However, I’m having increasing problems. Drive […]

International Day of Peace

The so-called World Leaders that we put in power to benefit the people of those nations operate as an international cartel. More is spent on arms and weapons of mass destruction than anything else, including saving our planet! They promote war and instability for their own benefits, not […]

We The 15% are 100% Normal

I’ve been watching the Paralympics, and I’m blown away by what some of these amazing people do! I watched a Table Tenis player, who’s not only has had significant medical problems in his young life but now while having cancer treatment, still giving his all and refusing to […]

Have You Got a Song to Share?

Song Writers and Composers needed. My, Song Every Day of 2021 Dementia Challenge, is going really well. Today is the 234th song I’ve learnt, sung and recorded. I want to sing some original songs and had an idea that I’m hoping you may help me with. I’m looking […]