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I had a FaceBook MeltDown!

I had my blogs automatically posted to FB, or I thought I did, but I couldn’t find them. So, I opened FB, clicked on the little Home icon and put a link there. I lost them too! I tried clicking on my profile picture and adding them there. […]

The Long Day!

Every moment since I heard has been a long torturous step towards today. As I waited with the growing numbers outside the church, trying to put names to faces. I wondered why does it have to hurt so much and for so many? There was this pain and […]

A Stupid Story!

Well, the story isn’t really stupid, it more about someone being stupid and that someone was me! I’ve been asked many times why my name is different, but I’ve never told anyone until now. It’s been fifty years, and I’ve regretted every moment, so now it’s time. Before […]

Wear Your Mask!

I have been diagnosed with Dementia. As such I started looking for all the information to help me and guess what, I didn’t find that much. There is loads for Carers and from Charities and Local authorities, but for me and you… Not a lot! So, I started […]