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One meal a day!

Well, that’s not true, it’s more, one mealtime a day. It started a few years ago when I had significant problems with my dependency on my prescribed medication. There were two times in the day when I craved my drugs, and when I say crave, I mean I […]

LifeStyle. My Eating Habits

Modern life means that for many, eating has become more of a habit than a necessity. Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Snacks galore, we eat at every opportunity, and the result is we simply eat too much! We all know this, so why don’t we stop? Why is the […]


Sometimes, I’m feeling low, and I find myself looking down both physically and mentally! The longer this goes on, the deeper I go and the harder it is to look up again and see the light around. You know those times you find you’re just sitting there, doing […]

My LifeStyle. Sleep

LifeStyle is the buzzword of the moment, so I thought I would share my lifestyle with you. My life has changed a lot. Every aspect of it is now geared to maintaining a healthy body, including the brain. The main aim is to keep it at its peak […]

It’s Just a Dream!?

It’s just before 2 am. I’m awake because I’ve just had a dream. You may think this isn’t anything unusual, but I haven’t had a dream for a long time, and I mean as long as I can remember. Before I start, I have to tell you that […]

International Day of Peace

The so-called World Leaders that we put in power to benefit the people of those nations operate as an international cartel. More is spent on arms and weapons of mass destruction than anything else, including saving our planet! They promote war and instability for their own benefits, not […]

Next are Human Trials…

In an earlier piece, I discussed this new drug for treating those with Alzheimer’s by safely removing Amyloid Plaques from the brain. The drug is Aducanumab. The link below takes you to that article. It’s only 5 minutes long, so a quick listen. I’ve been researching a bit […]

It’s Not for Sale!

I keep being asked, where can I buy, The Mad Book? The Mad Book is not for sale. It never was intended for sale. Let me explain the title, and maybe this will help. I’ve been told I have dementia, and since that time, being told there wasn’t […]