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What is a Carer?

My son and daughter are both determined as my Carers and even have Power of Attorney in regard to my finances and health, but I don’t think they care! Let me clarify, they don’t need to care yet and care in the sense of looking after me totally! […]

Losing My Voice

I’m finding that speaking is becoming a bit of a problem, but I think this mainly due to not talking that much, or that’s what I’m hoping. I am also a bit deaf, which doesn’t help. I’ve noticed this as I’ve tried to record some of my post […]

We are Sweet Enough!

I have just been reading a 2013 study, so not an old study, about how a high fat and high sugar diet may impact on amyloid plaques. Amyloid Plaques are proteins and is the gummy stuff that clogs the brain and stops messages travelling between brain cells. This […]

A Balanced Life… The Concept

A Balanced Life… This is a common statement, or mantra you hear all the time, ‘You have to have a balanced life,’ but more often this refers to mainly to what you do with our lives ie, balancing work and home-life. Although I think balance in these terms […]